Slashers watch Project Runway

(and other competitive reality shows)

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A community created by slashers for all things project runway:
discussion, meta, fic, icons, general squee.

Slashy comments and content are welcomed but not required.

Membership is open and posts un-modded but we do ask the following:

New eps air in the USA on Wednesdays; until the following Monday, please post spoilers behind cuts.

Please put end-of-season speculation/rumors
such as who makes the top 3) behind cuts as well.

Fic should have warnings (eg Zulema/Lupe,NC-17, bdsm - and that is an example, not a request!)

No flaming or wanking, please. People are free to like and dislike whomever they wish. Play nice.

Slash_Runway is an adult community, open to those 18 and older.

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