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Hey peeps!

Did anyone besides me see the new Project Runway Allstars Premiere?

Because several things became immediately clear: spoilery commentaryCollapse )

Can't wait for episode 2.

Project Runway Video Blogs up!

Hi All:

There are two hilarious PR video blogs up! The first Project Runway vlog stars Jack Mackenroth and Kevin Christiana from Project Runway season four! Check the vlogs out here:





Just an observation, before we begin...

It struck me today that I'm not quite ready for another round of Project Runway quite so soon. It's almost like Christian hasn't had enough time to be THE winner! Also, like Survivor, which now is on all the damn time, when reality shows I like only show up once or twice a year I tend to like them more, looking forward to them because they're a bit, um, rare, I guess.

Don't get me wrong - I intend to watch every golden moment of this run. It's just...it doesn't seem quite so special, coming so soon. I hope I'm proven wrong!

General slash_runway guidance

Hi everyone! *pokes the comm to wake it up*

Since we are heading into Season 5 on Bravo, and Season 6 on Lifetime will follow soon after, here are some gentle reminders about slash_runway policies and topics! (Yes, that means we can chatter about shows other than Runway.)

  • Liveblogs are awesome, but MUST be done in comments because we have members who are in differing time zones or who record the show. Here is an example of how to set up a liveblog post; there should be only one per episode, so whoever's here first can get it going.
  • Spoilers below jumpcuts. As above, not everyone watches at the same time. Please wait until the Monday after the episode airs before posting formerly spoilery stuff above the cut.*
  • Despite the comm name, competitive reality shows of all flavors are on the table here: Bravo shows like Shear Genius, Top Chef, or Step It Up and Dance, and non-Bravo shows like So You Think You Can Dance, America's Next Top Model, Dancing With The Stars, etc.**

    * Season 5 spoilers only: Because Bravo released information about guest judges and episode challenges before the show began, that information is not considered spoilery.

    ** My personal preference is to exclude dating shows (not talent-based *stifles mean joke*) and Idol (just because...well, Idol, but that is silly 'cause I love SYTYCD and it's the same people).
  • PR season 5!

    Dropping in from the land of OMG!busy to note that Project Runway, season 5, premieres tonight on Bravo at 9 pm. Commentary, as always, welcome at slash_runway: liveblogs under a jumpcut only, due to time zones and TiVos. Refresher rulepost to follow.....

    I can't help but feel that Season 5 has got a glued-up hem and the model's sewn into it. With the drama surrounding the Lifetime/Los Angeles move for Season 6, what I've seen about 5 makes me think it's going to feel like a contractually-obligated Prince album. Still, the designers look less polished than Season 4, which IMO is a plus. Say what you will about beauty and skill, I thought Season 4 was boring and the contestant aesthetics were actually TOO well developed for what is, after all, a game show.

    And tonight's guest judge is my woobie anyway. As you may have heard, Bravo released info about every judge and challenge here.

    That Bravo has decided to run PR at 9pm indicates, to me anyway, that they are all "OK, whatevs" as Shear Genius (much better this year, BTW - LOVE Kim Vo) stays in the traditional 10pm slot. Also, 9pm goes up against So You Think You Can Dance on Fox, which - while not getting Idol-numbers - has a big slashy following.

    Nov. 28th, 2007

    Where are my fellow Slash Runway peeps? Watching this show is no fun without you!

    New footage on the current replay!!

    If you're up and can watch, the final episode replay that's on right now is completely different from the footage shown in the finale play at 10pm EST.
    Any projections? Predictions?

    I say they're going with "innovative" Jeffrey.

    Anyone else? Bueller?

    Uli's collection

    Noob here. ::waves::

    Was it me, or did Uli's collection reeeally resemble things we've seen her submit throughout the season? She used the same blue tie-dye material for one dress, and another of her dresses was the exact same cut on top as the blue tie-dye that won her the Elle front page.

    Oy, the tension!

    Hey - what the heck is Jeffrey wearing? Looks like a "Vincent" outfit~