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Aaaaaand here we go.

I have to say I am feeling quite sympathetic towards Jeffrey at the moment. The situation sucked, and I still maintain that outsourcing stitching doesn't mean a designer is bad.

I'm quite relieved, actually.

But I don't think Laura should be cast as a villain.

Man this is insanely anal, isn't it?


Chitchat in comments, peoples!


Oct. 11th, 2006

okay so what do we think about the jeff allegations??
Oy, Michael, you are not filling me with confidence on your collection.

Finale, Part 1

Tim is in my town!!

Oy, Vincent

And he digs himself deeper.

Reunion Show!

Predict with me, folks -- who will be the first to say a really bitchy thing?
I think Laura's going tonight; no matter how horrible Michael's is, they won't bump him. And they think Jeffrey has something to say...and Uli's going to win. Oh, the horror! The horror!
I really like Laura, but she is the queen of repeating the obvious, to the detriment of everyone else. "You should just start draping." "You have to do something." "They could send you home," etc. etc. etc.
30 seconds into the show and I already hate Jeffrey all over again.